Can i please get help killing Eclipse?

I have been trying for hours to kill Eclipse with no victory. I am on PS4 and my PSN ID is Abaddon_81877. I have used every combination of elemental weapon cause Athena stacks damage when using element damage. I am level 70 and he is 72 when i fight him so anyone on ps4 at level 70 please help. I would very much like to meet active players to go farming with aswell. Thank you.

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If you can get a Shock Thinking, get it. If you can’t be bothered doing that, cheat to get a electric Bullpup. That alone can build Maelstrom fast enough with 10/4 Storm Weaving from a Raging Storm mod. If you can get a Developement, thats even better.

If you have a Tesla, use it to get some stacks but rely on your shotgun and Unrelenting once you have at least 200. At that point the Storm Front will be jealous.

Invest into Unrelenting, Elemental Barrage, and whatever survival skills you feel like. This is all you really need.

If you have a rocket launcher, any kind, use it once you have 700 + Maelstrom to unleash the Wrath of God. The god in this case is the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Crafts and whatever else Athena is goddess of. Probably missiles.
- The best rocket launcher for this is the Mongol. just try not to fire too many missiles, or your game will die of lag.

There is no need for Corrosion. EOS is mostly Shields, and at 999 Maelstrom you could use fire and still rip him up.

If you are having trouble with Survival, get a Hail or Probe. Element is irrelevant with Athena’s DPS, since you heal instantly anyway.

I’d help myself, but i only got a 360. Also i dont know how to do online multiplayer. Also i don’t really feel like it.

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I just sent you a friend request. I’m on now if you need some help :smiley:

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