Can I refarm warrior in UVHM without reseting walkthrough?

I just started the UVHM with Maya …Is it better to do all side missions in order to get levels then later proceed with main storyline?Can I refarm all bosses after I start leveling the Digistruct peak OP levels?I know you can grind loot midgets but I was wondering when exactly should I finish main storyline if I plan to reach OP8

You can refarm just about any boss in UVHM but the unique quest rewards can only be gotten once per play thru so farming the Warrior, Bunker, Saturn, the Splinter Group rats, Doc Mercy, Smash head, et al. is not an issue. it’s only if you want a chance at a second Rubi, Heart Breaker, FotF, etc, would you have to reset UVHM. As far as side missions vs main story it all depends- do you want some of the side quest unique weapon rewards at max level or not? If so, save those missions for when you reach level 72- depending on how many of the other dlc/Headhunter packs you own you can do those to gain levels outside of the main campaign…

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You can farm most of the bosses as often as you want, even the mini ons like Mad Mike. The only things you can’t repeat without reseting are the circle of slaughters.

You can re-farm all the bosses but if you are after a specific quest reward and have already completed it chances are you are out of luck. While some quest rewards such as the Law can be farmed most are one time wonders that if you want another one or one that is better than what you already have you will have to start over.

Do i need to save and quit or just close game without saving…This is confusing

If you mean visiting all these bosses during the same gaming session you would have to leave their area for them to respawn or, if you’re farming one boss at a time saving and quitting might be faster. For example, if you’re farming Bunker you can just go back out the gate where you first enter, turn around and enter again and Bunker will respawn. For farming the Warrior saving and quitting after you kill him would be the faster way to farm him.

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I am playing SMG cat Maya so my options are limited for quest rewards will leave SandHawk for sure though

Yes you just save and quit once you’ve killed the boss you are farming. The only time you use the dashboard technique is for mission rewards. If you don’t like what they offer you just quit the game without saving.

If there are any specific bosses or weapons you want info on or best ways to farm, just ask for advice. Lots of people in this forum are literally Borderlands scientists now :smile:

Thanks a lot!Which SMGs would you advise me to get?I currently own Hyperion plasma caster on shock element and a babymaker that is freaking awesome to throw!(have died some times though due to my mistake)

I think it’s safe to say that despite the Commerce, Chulainn and the Bane, all blue unique, legendary, seraph, pearlescent and e-tech SMG’s are great.

Some are ridiculously easy to get (Lascaux - and totally worth it) ; some are a b**** to get (Bitch) ; the Bone Shredder drops frequently from BoneHead 2.0 ; the Emperor from the Assassins (only good when Wreck boosts fire rate - kind of the same with Bone Shredder) ; Good Touch is available from Moxxi at all stages / Bad Touch only once per character ; Crit (from Tina’s DLC) is great on Maya - but requires some management ; all plasma casters but Bandits require point-blank in yo face ; Hellfire drops from Scorch - easy-ish farm ; and the Sand Hawk which is assumed to be the most necessary SMG going ( I personally use it but don’t enjoy it - not a Dahl fan ).

So bad touch is only once per character,not once every walkthrough?(3)

Yeah Babymaker and Scorch are easy to farm.I use Sandhawk only for bosses with Bee otherwise I hate slow projectiles in normal combat like Twister Sandhawk etc

Well if I hit moonstone button I cant farm him I think

Correct - but the Good Touch can be gotten multiple times. I think there is some way of getting multiples split-screen with another character (using a mule?) - but that’s too weird for me.

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Anyway I got the Grog Nozzle anyway which is superior to everything as far as healing.I am not patient with aiming on sight so Smgs that dont require that is better on my Maya.Bandits are terrible.Maliwan and Hyperion are the best in my opinion.Tediore eat all my ammo for some unknown reason…

Do you know about their throw-reload ammo consumption?

A lot of this is personal, particularly with things like Etecs. I like Maliwan only. Others may prefer Hyperion.

Most people will agree that Bitch, Hellfire, Plasma Casters, Florentine, Slagga and Sandhawk are the most used. In most cases I’ll have a Hellfire and Sandhawks, plus maybe Florentine on my main Siren. But i only use Sandhawks for bosses.

…BUT > Don’t be fooled by the ‘Siren = SMG’ tag. Like many I main a Pimpernel + Shotgun + Rubi or Grog + Other.

A lot of this depends on your play style and what you have available, what your objectives are, and what is needed to do the job. SMG’s are fairly limited in power without the correct setup and items required to get the best out of them. Snipers, Shotguns, and even Pistols eclipse them in raw damage, so if you want my advice, FIT the SMG into your build, unless the build is specific using the best CAT mod and a good selection of SMG’s for the job.

Whilst your mobbing, doing missions etc., Maya’s strengths are in her skills, then you use the right weapons to get the power and versatility across. She’s great with all weapons. I usually have a Pimpernel + Heartbreaker + Slag Rubi + Norfleet or Badaboom. I change according to area, and enemy type.

Use Lightning Grenades then shields never matter. You shouldn’t need slag grenades with Maya’s skills…unless you want them. General rule is to use a relic that matches your desired element for the enemy ahead, unless leveling then you may prefer cool down.

There are tons of threads in existence about best weapon types, Google them up and you’ll be hunting them down in no time. Learn to play Maya’s strengths and you virtually never need ammo unless your raiding or doing the peak.

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If you mean calling for the moonshot after beating the Warrior SAVE THE GAME before doing so. That way, when you restart and go to actually call in the moonshot, if the Warrior doesn’t drop what you want quit the game w/o saving it- this will let you load from your last save before you called in the moonshot. Once you get what you want and the end credits roll, save the game and reload. You’ll still be in the vault of the Warrior and can farm him as long as you like- just be aware that he is far stingier about dropping legendary gear now. It’s for this reason that a lot of folks farm the Handsome Sorcerer in the Tiny Tina dlc- he shares the same loot pool as the Warrior and is a lot easier to reach (once you finish the campaign that is…).

Well I do now…I just read on wiki after you told me…i got the babymaker which is more accurate when thrown and consumes only 1 ammo per shot.

Following up on what DaRTH_FuRioN said Maya is not exclusively an SMG girl. Maya is the MacGyver of BL2 in that she is able to make but the junkiest gun effective due to all abilities at her disposal and the amount of crowd control she brings to the table… I use Jakobs exclusively on her and can go through OP8 very comfortably.

Kinda surprised no one brought up the Florentine. I absolutely love that SMG on Gaige what with it being dual shock and slag.