Can I reset missions to farm Bekah again?

On mainscreen you can reset missions. Does this work for legendary hunt missions so that I will get another Bekah mailed to me? I already completed the mission but want a slightly different bekah and one that is hopefully annointed.

As far as I know, there is no way to reset the hunts or targets.

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Don’t they become a rare spawn after?

Ive only ever heard of Bekah being a mail reward and not a world drop.

Nope. The rare spawns are different bosses. As far as I tried, the hunts for Hammerlock and the targets for Zero respawn all the time after you quit your game. But the rare spawns… spawn rarely… :smiley: actually they spawn randomly. You might get one to spawn 2 times in row, but they might spawn for your 30th or 50th try.

I don’t know any other option either, than going through all the hunts again, sadly, with a new character. But even if you decide to do it again, I suggest (think that’s where I made a mistake too), be sure to get your character to level 50 first. But consider, that the Bekah might not come anointed in any case. Oh yeah, since it’s a Jakobs gun, there won’t be an elemental version out of it :confused:

I have a level 50 now, it has a 3.3x scope and not annointed, but it is my primary gun.

Id empty half my bank in trade for a 1.5x scope and ANY annointment.

I was thinking a bit after I replied. I tried to make some research for you, and I got to this conclusion (I might be wrong): since it is a reward for the Legendary Hunts, it may not come anointed in any case, because there was no anointed version made as reward. The only way to have any kind of anointed weapon in BL is 1. buying from Crazy Earl 2. turning on Mayhem Mode. 99,8% of the people say, there’s no world drop. But some hope for you, I saw a comment on this forum in this topic World Drop Bekah? that somebody did get a Bekah in Jakobs Estate from a Loot Tink in offline mode. Try it in Mayhem mode. It might drop an anointed Bekah for you as well. I don’t know it. Never tried offline mode.

Thanks for the research!

I dont usually play offline but i might try to do some farming.

i doubt it will be annointed offline though.

@BubbyR So. Found a post for you. A guy is offering actually 3 different anointed Bekahs (so it exists) for trade. I don’t know which platform are you playing, but the guy plays on XBOX. Check it out.

I appreciate it! Trying to get a trade going…

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Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

To answer the original question for anyone who comes by: Crew Challenges do not reset, making the rewards once per character. The rewards themselves may be available through other means, but you can only get rewarded for completing all the Crew Challenges once per character. I can personally verify that they don’t reset when switching from Normal to TVHM, and I asked a friend who had reset his TVHM playthrough if the Crew Challenges had been reset; he confirmed that they had not.

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This should honestly be reset-able under some means. After all, the time to complete all Zero bounties, Hammerlock hunts, Typhon chests, or Claptrap crew missions requires far more effort to repeat than going through resets of the story mode on TVHM to get quest rewards.

Maybe Bekah will be added to world drop pool or even dedicated loot source next week.

I am a bit disappointed i now know these hunts end in great weapons. Now i got a Lyuda at lvl 44 totally worthless. Is there a possibilty to geht it on Level 50?

Lyuda is also a world drop, so you can farm it.

If you are on PC I’ll send you one. I got to many anyway.

that would be great