Can I run this game at max settings?

Hey everyone. I want this game for PC, and I was wondering how well I could run it. My PC specs are: Processor- AMD A8 6500 quad core 3.5 Htz. Graphics- AMD Radeon HD 85700 graphics. 8 Gb of DDR3 Ram. 2 terabyte hard drive.
Would these specs be good enough to run at max settings?
Thanks anyone who replies!

Is what you have now?, I think it can run ok with max graphics.

The actual computer I have is the HP Pavilion 500-164 if you want to look at all the specs. I could also lower some things if it would increase performance. Thanks for the reply!

Be cautious with heat mate.
AMD are known because of the heat they release.

Had one.

Would you recommend getting an after market cooler? Like water based or something?

Liquid Refrigeration systems are quite good.

I have 5 vents on my PC (it’s an i7 though).

Could you look at my pc like online and see how many I have?

Just one. Maybe you’ll need to add some more.

Have you tried to run BL2 on max settings?

I don’t have the game yet. I want to get it, but I might not depending on how well I can/can’t run it. And how/what would I need to add more vents?

Looking at the requirements, yes. It will run nice.
The PC where I used to play was an AMD E350 and a Radeon HD8310. Was playable, surely you’ll be able to play at 1280*720 quite fluent.

I hosted a game with two others using an AMD 965, so you should be fine. As Xmngr said, heat is definitely a concern with AMD CPUs. So you’ll want to keep it as clean as possible and throw in as many fans as you can. I’d also go with a closed loop cooler for the CPU.

Whats a closed loop cooler? Could you provide me a link so i can look at prices and such?

Here you go.

If I were to get a new case/chasis, which would you recommend off of here?

Hi how is everything

Good. Looking at some possible upgrades for my pc. Any recommendations?

I have a Thermaltake Chaser A31, enough space for putting a lot of stuff inside it.