Can I somehow chance drop rate in Arm's Race?

TL:DR: I would like to raise the chance of the legendary drops is there a mod for this maybe (I cannot find one)? Would love to get some nead mod window where I can say like 4x standard legendary drop chance and that’s it, I would be happy with this.

Very terrible experience right now. If I got 5+ legendary drops in a long game (30-40 minutes) thats a big deal. But there are a lot of useless “vanilla” legendary drops during the game. So I end up playing 2-3 game and maybe one or two Arms Race related legendary I can grab. Not to mention if I try to hurry and they kill me LOL then I have to even play more games. So spending 2-3 hours in Arm’s race yield very little rewards.

Thanks in advance!

If you’re on PC, there’s a ‘‘pokemon trainer’’ that can assist you with drop rates. The ‘‘pokemon trainer’’ told me to go to arms race once and never touch it again.

What? Lol

i… I can’t… There’s a pokemon TRAINER that can show you some cool stuff if you talk to them, just google ‘borderlands 3 pokemon trainer’…

just whatever you do don’t take out pokemon, that’s against TOS

To get a more laid back Arms Race experience, use the Re-Volter shield glitch with a Butt Stallion Milk booster and the Broken Heart’s Day event turned on. Enemies die quicker, so you can visit more chests and you are more likely to get a useful legendary gun earlier in your session from a looty boi or trio of gold loot ghosts, if you’re really lucky.

Arms Race is kind of designed to be a thankless kick in the junk, so unfortunately, no, not legitimately.