Can I start a NG+ with ALL quests reset but with the character saved?

I finished the game on standard difficulty. Then I started a new game on the difficulty “real vault hunter”. But the Typhon and claptrap quests didn’t reset. There is no fog of war on the map! How do I start NG+ with an old character, chaos, and a complete reset OF all quests and gatherings?
Can I do this??

The side objectives such as Assasination targets, Typhon Deaddrops, Claptrap parts and Hammerlocks Hunts are all one time completions. Enemies that spawn from hunts and assassinations can be re killed or farmed like any other named mob but the rest of the extra rewards are once per character.

In addition Echo logs and Eridian writings are also one time collects per character and can be re listened from the Log tab in your Echo menue.

All other side quests and missions will reward you just like they did in your first playthrough.

I know it’s not the answer you where hoping for :frowning: but True Vault Hunter mode dose increases legendary drop rates by a noticable amount. It’s not as strong as Mayhem Levels increases to loot drops but it is still nice to have.


Thank you for the explanation. It’s a pity this information is not in the game.

it’s just a mistake the devs made…

there are some weapons you need to cheat in order to get after completing these type of quests…

Not really. The Baby Maker, Lyuda, and Bekka weapons which are awarded to a player for completing Veronica, killing every Target of opportunity and every hunt are all in the wold drop loot pool. In addition they where all added to dedicated loot sorces. The Bekka has had a buggy drop rate for some time now but I can confirm it can wold drop.

Now if your in the Handsom Jackpot DLC this seems to be a different story with the crew challanges they offer but I bet the devs will add spicific loot sorces at some point if they haven’t already. (It has been a few months since I touched the DLC)