Can i switch hard drives between PS4s

thought this would be a good place to ask, My current PS4 starting to bug on me, gonna get new PS4 and want to keep everything as is so I don’t have to redownload crap, drive is full already with paid games downloaded. So can I just take my current drive out and put it in a new PS4 and start it up, or is that a no no. Any help would be appreciated
I know I will have to deactivate old PS4 and activate new for my PS account for downloading, but switching drives would be so much easier than redownloading all this.
Maybe @Jeffybug might be able to anser this or someone who has knowledge please.
Well I was hoping for a relply, guess ill work it out myself. thought this place was helpful, o well

guess im all good, had to take the long method sense couldn’t get any help of any kind from anyone here. What happened to the old forums help, someone was always helping someone out there, guess none of them really came over to the new site, and just when I started getting into these forums, o well, guess when it comes to Gearbox and 2k, your better off fixing or answering your own probs, thanks for nothing all

When I upgraded my HDD I had to redownload/install everything from scratch. You can upload the gamesaves to the cloud but the PS4 doesn’t have a B/U feature like the PS3 had…

yes it does, there new update not long ago allows this now, that’s what I had to end up doing, backing up old drivePS4, then going to new PS4 to restore from backup, all I had to do was resync my trophies after it was done, and the backup restore feature workd great, just took for ever, better than redownloading thow

or, I don’t know, this is a crazy thought, but stick with me. Maybe post this on the PS4 version of the tech support forums?

I liked it better posting here thow, but thanks for the info. Besides, I was looking for any help, not just PS4, covered all basses this way. Beats having to post the same post in multiple places

It wouldn’t have mattered either way. The hard drive is always keyed to a system upon installation and has to be done from scratch regardless if it was in a different PS4 before or not. It always has to be initialized by the system currently using the HDD. It’s just the nature of computer hardware.