Can i trade for a conference call or can some one help me killing raid bosses?

I was wondering if someone could give me a level 72 conference call. ive been trying to farm it for about 2 days, with no luck. I have a level 71 saw bear if you are looking to trade. If you dont want to trade, can you help me kill voracidous the invincible or hyperius the invincible I play as a level 72 assasin on the handsome collection on Ps4. My gamer tag is Hellghast008.
I would realy appreciate it guys, thanks

I’ll be on in 20 mins. Add me and I’ll kill them both for you… Farm a couple kills psn oPROFESSIONALo

sorry it took so long, i was away when you replyed. just added you now.

Ill be back on tonight for an hr around 11est.