Can i trade in my pc version for ps4 version?

hello. i really like your game battleborn. but the online pvp is filled with 2 many cheaters for my taste of good fun. its not really sick or fun or ewxciting or cool when every other game… someone has a galt or marquis whos aimbotting (or even a whiskey or oscar). it seems every other game someone is going on a 20 player kill streak.

ghalt is landing his little hangun hits from across the entire map, 3 shotting people non stop.

dont get me started on marquis… if hes botting u cant even play or move because he will snipe your head and 2 shot you pretty damn quick.

id rather trade in thic downgraded pc version for the best version, the ps4 version.

also… why no split screen support for pc? just too lazy?

sometimes i even see 40 player kill streaks… come on bro we all know that aim isnt natural.

no way. i refuse to believe there are that many professional gamers playing battleborn at the moment.

either every single pro gamer in the world os hooked on BB or half the population is aim botting.

the aim botting is getting really really bad

think a way to counter it is it will suck but his bullets need travel time.

also dear lord for a character that is suppose to be sitting back he sure has more shield and HP than the most squishy characters. if marquis can kill us in a few shots we should be able to kill him back in same or less

Not seen a single cheater yet, I’ve played 152 PvP matches. I’ve seen massive kill streaks, but they’ve usually not been too hard to kill if you commit to it.

GBX made many statements regarding this issue. Randy stated that they put alot of work(money) to realise splitscreen for consoles, since its a common wanted & expected feature on consoles. For PC there seemed to be far less demand and GBX had no time&money to realise it for PC too until release.
So far I red splitscreen programming is very work intensive with many issues to solve. Its not just double the code and go.