Can I transfer character/save from old Ps4 to Ps4 pro?


I have a ps4 pro and and old ps4. My wife wants to start playing., but when she’s done with campaign and leveled up we want to play co op on separate TVs.

The PS+ account is just for my main account/ psn. Her PsN is second account and exists in both PS4s. My question is if she plays her character on the PS4 pro and when she is done , can I transfer her character and save file to her PSN account on the old Ps4 so we can play co OP on separate screens ?

If so how ? USB memory stick ? I dont think she can use my ps+ to transfer her data right ?

Yes, you can use USB stick.

Awesome man thanks!!

Can I do this from a normal PS4 to a another normal PS4


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