Can i transfer my X-Box 360 Zero Character to my new X-Box One S?

I notice I can play Borderlands 1 but not Borderlands 2 on my X Box One S which sucks so I’ll have to pay for the entire collection again. Whatever.

But if I can somehow carry my Zero Character over from X-Box 360 to XBox One S this would be some consolation. Anyone know if it’s possible?

Yes it is, but you need to keep your 360 in order to do so. You basically fire up the game on 360, make sure it’s fully up to date, and make sure you have your Zer0 character loaded at the main game menu screen. The bottom menu item lets you upload your current (default) character. This also uploads heads, skins, BAR ranks, etc. Then, you fire up your XB1, fire up the game, go to the same menu and download the character. If you have multiple characters, you have to do them one at a time.

Edit to add: even if your 360 saves are cloud-based, you still need to transfer one at a time using the in-game menus.


Ok, I still have my 360 so that’s good. I don’t quite understand this explanation but I’ll study it and see if I can work it out. Thanks.

PS: I don’t have to have the 360 running EVERY time I want to play that character do I?

No, just to transfer toons over to the xbox 1

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The instructions will make sense once you launch the game on the 360 - the update that coincided with the launch of the Handsome Collection added a menu to the “Continue/New/Downloads/…” selection.

No, just to upload your save. Once you’ve downloaded on the other side, you can just leave the original on the 360 as a backup. The transfer is one-way only.

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Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

this link may help on transferring saves,

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Nailed it. Thanks guys :slight_smile: