Can I unstart a new game?

I was on my second play through, true vault hunter mode. At the RK5 (second from last boss battle) when I went into multiplayer mode. I joined a game just as the others defeated the final boss. While running to the arena to get some free loot (oops, um, leftover stuff others didn’t want) I watched the final game cut-scene. Got out of the game, then hit ‘continue’. I’m back at the very first scene in the game, where I’m on Hyperion station following claptrap and rescuing Jack before being shot to the moon.

Errrr, I did not want this. Is there any way I can go back to where I was in my game (e.g. fighing RK5)? Or am I doomed to do a third play through, when I’ve maxed my level at 50 and have no desire to do another play through?

Yes. At the menu screen, Select Character, choose the character you’re already using. Choose the Playthrough you want (in this case, True Vault Hunter Mode).

Thanks, came here to report I discovered that yesterday.

Sorry I didn’t catch it sooner. I’m surprised one of the other regulars here didn’t answer you. The process is not intuitive, so it’s not a dumb question from a new player. Glad you solved it.