Can I use Borderlands logo and song for new fan podcast?

Hi Gearbox team:

First off congrats on announcing the new Borderlands 3 game yesterday.

I am extremely excited and after doing some research did not find a single podcast…that changes today.

I launched a new podcast but want to make sure I do things right.

Please advise on whether something like this would be allowed as I know you own the copyright to Borderlands and all that good stuff.

Would you allow the use of branding for a project like this.

I am particularly inquiring about the cover art and the use of Can’t Hold Me Down as our podcast theme.

Thank you for your consideration and response.


Hey there!

  1. Your email address is showing - you can edit that second line out in your profile settings
  2. Paging @Noelle_GBX who can probably tell you who you should contact about your request.

Thank you for your help with this. I appreciate your response and forwarding to the appropriate channels.