Can I use my PC save on Console?


I have Borderlands 3 on PC but a friend plays on PS4. He’s bought the game for both of us to play on console now which means I have to start over and can then not play on PC anymore in a way.

Is there any chance taht I can copy my current PC save to my PS4, continue there and then move back?

I know cross save like in Destiny 2 is not in the game but is there maybe a manual way to do it?

Really longshot but I don’t want to start over every time I play somewhere else.


There is no such option.

Yet… No timetable on when it will be possible either but they have made a goal of it at the very least.

Are you sure? Cause cross-play and cross-save are two different things. And there was no word about full cross-play.

I’m not asking about cross-play.

He’s bought two copies for PS4 so we can both play on console. I’m looking for a way to get my progress from PC onto my PS4 so that I won’t have to start over.

And I answered it in first post :slight_smile: There is no option for that, and even after implementing cross-play this option could not be available.

Yep, they would like to see cross play (but that’s dependent on platform leaders enabling it) and are actively working towards cross save (I’ll try to find where this was brought up and link it when I get off work).

Cross play will hopefully not happen in this installment… It would require changing the multiplayer from local host to server based systems - and if y’all missed the news battle born servers are being taken down rendering those game copies unplayable even in single player after another year or so…

With the next console generation Sony has at least promised to make an effort to enable cross play on local host, so maybe with BL4 it’ll be possible without taking the game away from us over time.