Can it play BLOODY HARVEST under normal

i like to kill or against haunted enemies, but i didn’t want my loots drop have the event atonised, so i can farm loots( no “Terror” anointments but normal) and also enjoy the haunted enemies in open world. as it is very high chance to get any loots, legendary with “Terror” anointments , it’s useless if the event is ended, u know.

i didn’t use any weapon with terro anointment .

it should give a choice like enable haunted enemies, but without affect the loots

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Are you serious right now?Just turn the event off or on and dont pick terror anoints . Also terror anoints still work after the event.

u dont’ even read it before dropping reply. i said i love to play haunted enemies, but dont want the loots drop with terror aniontment. however if u enable it, the loots drop, mostly with terror aniontment. it’s not about u take it or not, u want the loots drop with no such aniontment but can enjoy the haunted enemies

I read that the first time already.
You can t have your cake and eat it too.

Ok I’ll put a healthy example in. What I am doing rn;

I was collecting goo in Sapphires Run and running Haunt in a cycle. Just now I have turned the event off and am farming Ruiner for a Cryo Complex rifle.

Very soon I will return to the event and the Heck. Had cake and ate it too, on/off option

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It IS possible to get Bloody Harvest weapons(Stalker/Fearmonger) with normal annoints, but wowee are they rare.

What you are wanting to achieve isn’t currently possible though with how the system works. You can play Bloody Harvest and get mostly Terror annoints or turn it off and not get the spooky gears.