Can Iwajira drop the avalanche?

Back during mercendary day, the kraggon who replaced him could. I can’t get a legendary roid shield from vending machines/grinder, the rate at which they appeared was clearly nerfed, and it feels like drop rates have been nerfed to bl2 levels here, powersuit noob drops nothing but skins for charaters I don’t even use! But, I digress. Is it possible for him to drop it?

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Heh, just literally got a shooting star

Except as a world drop, no. Anything can drop anything, but only Odjurymir had an increased chance to drop the Avalanche.

Sad to hear. The cryo nova makes that one the best. :disappointed:

Not sure, but I did get a Cryophobia from Iwajira the other day. Was kind of weird. Was expecting a Thingy.

I got a Hellfire while farming him once. Saved time since i was going to grind thingys into a Hellfire anyway.

I found an avalanche in a vendor a couple of days ago. Your best bet is to grind three purple Shields and just dashboard out till you get one.

I have a warming avalanche level 70 if you still need one? I’m on 360.

No, thanks. I’ve realized melee isn’t worth using. >.<

I’m in search of one if you still have it

I no longer have the one I gave away. I do have another one though. You can have it. Same as last time. send me a message and when I get home I’ll find the mule that has it and shoot you a reply asking for an invite. :slightly_smiling:

Tomorrow work for you?

anytime is good. I get on almost every night. If I know I have a message waiting for me I will get on.