Can Krieg be played as a "Gun Krieg?"

I know he is powerful with melee…

But so is Zer0, in fact, melee is probably his most powerful way to go.

But I just finished taking a “Gun Zer0” all the way to 80 and found him VERY powerful…and not gimped in this playstyle at all.

Wondering the same about Krieg.

I just don’t care for melee. I will do it on occasion if I have to…but it is just not my thing.

By going the gun route with Krieg are you seriously gimping him?

His explosive and grenade bonuses look very tempting…



Yeah, he’s capable of some very high DPS but his playstyle is also quite unorthodox. Krieg can obtain some of the best gun damage, fire rate and mag size in the game with the right setups

Like Brick from the first game Krieg can go full melee, hybrid or full gunplay. I typically run the latter option, though the hybrid build is quite popular here.

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Insane powerful! I usually use this build and find it works very well for mobbing.

Does require some decent and sometimes very specific gear though!

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He can run a gun build just fine.
I dont have anything on my channel (which I should fix). But I run 3 shotguns and the Sawbar, and use RtB. And it has already proven to work perfectly fine on at least OP4.

Will all his Elemental Damage buffs scale to OP??

The 3 vids looks like it works just dandy…even Fire on Bots…LOL

I have been “muling” good gear for almost 4 years so I can equip very nicely at virtually any level. In fact, gear should not be a problem.

The things I lack are Krieg’s Class Mods and Legendary Class Mods which you can get most easily enough from Marcu’s Train

The other Legendaries are Tubby based and a pain…but doable.

Yes it does, and it’s one of the best ways to use him.

If you like explosions, you should take a look at the multiple Explosive Krieg builds on the forum. This one is the most recent and it’s a very interesting build : [Build] Torgue Toast (72-OP8) and the Terrahawk (UCP)

Shudders You’re one of those types of people. :dukepuke:

Just kidding! Seriously! :angel:

No. You can completely eschew his AS, but where’s the fun in that? Zer0 is the guy you want up high watching your back; Krieg is the guy you either want out front away from the rest of the unit or you frag him before he gets anybody else killed.

He only gets explosive and other elemental damage, not actual grenade damage like Axton does. This means you’ll want to stick mainly with Torgue (EXPLOSIONS!), Maliwan (he’s on fire!), and Bandit (I like big mags and I cannot lie.) There are exceptions like the Fastball (Tediore), but most of your loadout will come from one of those three Manufactures.

Krieg’s AS is a lot of fun, but it does require some getting used to, especially timing his RtB skill. It’s very rewarding when you blow up a room full of enemies, though. You should try it sometime. :boom:


To tell the truth…from my experience

Grenade damage boosts are nice…and they help.

But they PALE in comparison to true Elemental Damage boosts

Take an Ogre or a DPUH and run it with Grenade damage boosts on Axton and you get more damage…not huge, but a nice bump.

But add a 39% Explosive Damage Relic to those guns and the boost is VERY noticeable.

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Strip the Flesh would boost those weapons’ damage, but not something like the Bearcat or the Storm Front like Battlefront or Do or Die would. He can, however, boost the burn damage of fire weapons.

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I don’t do melee with Krieg and he’s a monster at OP8. The only problems I run into are with bandits and the back-peddling aimbots, but other than that he melts everything and heals himself at the same time.

A Harold with 128 in the mag (or something like that)? A Slagga with 3-400? 28 Blockhead shots? He’s incredible.


apologies if someone else mentioned this, but if you go full hellborn kreig, consider not using release the beast. the healing power in the hellborn tree sometimes heals you just before you enter RtB and therefore causes you to just go into normal buzz axe rampage, not full RtB. Hope I explained this properly.

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Kinda late but
Yes Gun Krieg is awesome
In fact like 80% of the Krieg builds I use never use BXR at all… Unless you need to run faster in an area with no mobs

Blood Bath with Leg.Reaper just cranks out insane damage
But even without Blood Bath
Pain is Power(and Salt the Wound for shotgun) gives good gun damage
Strip the Flesh a bit of Explosive damage
Fuel the Blood a good amount of Grenade damage(if you go hybrid)

He also has skills which give insane fire rate/mag size/reload speed

The only gripe I have about Gun Krieg is that his swap speed is tied to a kill skill so when youre getting started the swap speed is a bit slow

Other than that tho he is awesome