Can' load save, different versions of Handsome Collection!?

So I played BL from the Handsome Collection like mad, until last year, and then I sold the game.

Now BHC is available on PS Plus and there’s a new DLC and I wanted to play that, I have a bunch of characters.

Now, starting BHC the previous saves don’t appear, and for the last hours I went down this rabbit hole and I found that my old game version was CUSA01401 and the new version is CUSA01446, therefore it ain’t working.

How can I load those save games, in the name of holy psycho guy ?

Edit by PH: text and link redacted, this forum doesn’t allow discussion of third party software on consoles

1401 is for US and 1446 is for EU, thats why your save doesn’t work.

I’m positively flabbergasted on how I possessed a US copy of the game before, and now EU (Given that I am in EU)

What solution can there be to this problem ?

I don’t think there is any legit one. You can use US PSN account for PS+ version but it wouldn’t be cheap. One month subscription is like 10 USD or something like that. Or just buy again Us version on disc.

Was thinking that, yes.

Thanks for the info!

There was also 14 days PS+ free trial for new accounts iirc. If you want just to play the new DLC it should be enough.