Can loot midgets/enemies spawn in the handsome jackpot and xylourgos?

heya all. i’m pretty sure i’ve seen mini loaders in the jackpot.
no loot midgets on xylourgos so far.

thanks for any info and may
god bless you. :slight_smile:

We had a loot enemy type out of the mystery bug chests on Xylourgos.
So I can confirm there is a loot enemy type.

And Jackpot i had the most loot type enemies spawning in whole bl3.


Yes, they’re in both of the DLC.

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What I want to know is if those Xylourgos chests count as red. Would be a great 2 birds with one stone situation.

thanks folks. i appreciate the responses.
good luck farming and take it easy. :slight_smile:

it seems to be only the floating chests they spawn from

The floating chests are rare / red chests.

It is a 2 birds with one stone situation even tho I don’t know about where loot enemy type have a chance to spawn except chests but that’s also mainly because i did not play since the new event has started.

I wanted to farm on Xylourgos anyway because I need a decent Anarchy with a good roll, so I will have an eye on rare loot enemy types and keep u up to date.

My best success from this event is the drop off at Floodmoor Basin Knotty Peak fast travel. All those Thieving Jabbers in that wooded area. Last night i was getting between 10 to 15 thieving jabbers per run. No joke, so many legendaries.

After making that post I tested it myself and those portal chests are still giving mostly greens a few blues on Mayhem 4.

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The anvil is a pretty slick location and u can get hex there. Just keep on the right and follow the path to the forest. There is a lot of nice jabbers there also u can get the hex there from a certain enemy

Wow that’s quite disappointing…
Especially since these crates are the most promising in this dlc.