Can loot the universe event drop unique legendary?

Just curious as title suggests, can you get unique legendaries like Chaoson or Monarch from these events?

No, only world drops. The Kaoson and Monarch are dedicated drops only from Captain Traunt and Killavolt.

Whats the drop rate on those? I been farming Traunt for few hours with no luck on m10.

I farmed for about an hour this morning on M10 and got 2 of them. The drop rate has been about 10% or so.

An event where you could literally just get ANY DROP from anything would actually be super fun. It’d be like a randomizer type run and would make it potentially fun to play, but I guess we couldn’t let those pesky non-dlc players have fun so they would never do that sadly :frowning:

The drop rate for any given dedicated drop is around 10% so you might have to run over 20 runs to get one, but if the boss has more than one dedicated drop the rate for any particular drop goes way down because you roll for a dedicated drop that’s 10%, if that is a yes, then you roll for which dedicated drop from that bosses pool drops, so for many bosses it’s 25 or 30%, so the drop rate for the item you want is closer to 3%. On M10 I was getting a Kaoson every 15-20 kills. It’s VERY RNG. And really garbage that Gearbox is loading so many dedicated drops onto single bosses, when you add the garbage annoints, elements, and gun stats, farming dedicated drops is about as fun as shoving a screwdriver into your eye.

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It’s even more horrendous when you get to detailing out the number of bosses/enemies that don’t even have dedicated drops for whatever absolutely ridiculous reason. An extremely well known youtuber made a video just the other day with all the bosses/named enemies that don’t have a drop and it’s mind blowing how much wasted space there is in this game. I had known of several since I’ve put in so much time personally and you just can’t help but notice, but to see it all actually broken down was def a nice piece of confirmation. I’ll link the video for those interested in case by some miracle people haven’t heard of K6 or haven’t already seen it lol

Thank you! I ran the Maliwan Takedown, with Cartels active, and it was like two screwdrivers. At the end I get a mediocre Tigg’s Boom (might be M10, maybe M8), with a useless anoint. Such a waste of time.

Farming Killavolt yielded 5 total Monarchs out of 20 runs in a 2-person team, and that took a fraction of the time. Not that any of the drops were that great. The “best” was a x8 corrosive with SNTNL +100 cryo (so basically meh).

I’d rather have a way to deconstruct items and craft my ideal gear. Even if it required twice the farming to get the components, at least every bad legendary could be a step in the right direction.