Can low level weapons be quest rewards in UVHM?

I just completed the Animal Rights quest in UVHM with my LV 72 commando and received a LV 60 Trespasser as a quest reward. Is that a glitch, or did I just get a really bad spawn?

Um I’m pretty sure it’s dependent on the level you started the quest in. I hear Animal Rights is a common mission left open for Loot Midget Spawns. Did you start the mission earlier only to finish it now?

That sounds like what should happen, but I don’t remember starting the quest at 60. And yeah, the Wildlife Preserve is a midget farming ground, but the quest to keep open is Doctor’s Orders, I believe.

Um its both Animal Rights and Doctor’s Orders for speed farming iirc. The former prevents enemies from spawning in key locations, the latter for the boxes.

If you accepted the mission at level 60, the reward will be level 60 even if you didn’t turn the mission in until level 72. In UVHM, everything levels up EXCEPT the level of mission rewards: once you accept it, it’s locked.

Thanks for the clarification.