Can Midgemong level up like a Goliath?

I’ve been farming Midgemong for a while looking for a near perfect Kerblaster for my Krieg and I’ve noticed that when I blast him a few times with explosives I hear the sound of a helmet popping off and then I hear the raging goliath lines, then whoever has spawned starts firing at him. Can the rider (Midge I guess?) level up?

I let him move about the map but his movement is so great that he leaves enemies in the dust and they just return to their area in a non aggressive state.

I hadn’t noticed - will have to check this out. Usually I take Maya there, phase-lock the pair right in the doorway, and hit them with a Badaboom, so there’s not much time for anything else to happen!

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I believe he’s the same class as a Badass Midget. When they are hit on the critical spot hard enough (or with splash damage, I think, as it can also happen with any Goliath’s helmets) the sound of helmet popping off will ring and they will also start spewing raging Goliath’s lines, in high pitched voice like all midget enemies.

As for leveling up, I don’t think I have seen a Badass Midget attack its own allies, let alone level up from said process.

I know I haven’t seen that. They sure get angry though!