Can no longer obtain Legendary lasers (DLC ones included) from the Grinder

Hi there,

the title says all. The problem is that when I grind items according to this combo:

Legendary gun (Base game) + Legendary gun (DLC) + Purple laser = Purple laser or Legendary laser (Base game) or Legendary laser (DLC)

I get only purple lasers. I’ve tried more than 100 grinds so far and never got a Legendary laser, only purple ones.

But I surely confirm that 5-6 months ago, when I last grinded my items according to the combo above in search of a DLC Legendary laser, I got them (The Longest Yard, Absolute Zero, Laser Disker) at least every second try. Nowadays it is possible to grind Flayer and Proletarian Revolution, but not possible at all to get a DLC Legendary laser from the Grinder, correct?

P. S. I checked all the patch notes since April, 2015, but I didn’t see any note on this issue.