Can not download ?! Moxxi's heist of the handsome jackpot

Hi all. Am i missing something easy?? I have bought the pass from " ! " station outside Moxxi’s aprox. $70A - all the various “BUTT Stallion” gear turned up in mail. when I check the status it says “owned”. Yet i can not find DLC to play - do I have to bye something else ???. Please help - forgive my ignorance
I play on XBOX ONE

Cheers Michael

Waiting for it to release may help.


Thanks I thought it had 19DEC its 16:32 Hours here in Adelaide Aust - I feel better about it now thanks again

Should be available around 9:00 am PST (from what ive read), so in about 11 hours it should be ready

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Hey man… as a Californian living in fire country, you hanging in there? Those fires are no joke.

7:09 p.m. new Zélande
Thursday December 19, 2019
the dlc is not available
in our country we will have the game that December 20 is scandalous

Thanks same to you

It will be available for everyone at the SAME TIME.
Please take in mind that there is something like TIME ZONES.

It’s been live for 2hrs, already downloaded and started playing

You’re not on xbox are you? I got American peeps I play with on my days off work but I’d like Aussies to run with during the evenings.

Adelaide and where I am are safe at the moment, it’s mostly near Sydney.

Yes I am on Xbox One game-tag: “MDN the MAGIC”
I live in an aged care facility - have been playing BL from the start (only game I have Played- totally hooked). But sadly not the best of players - the game tag is a joke - i only play Flak - jabber - fade-away at the moiment. I am just downloading new DLC.