Can Not Join My Wife

I am a level 57 true vault hunter (had ultimate vault hunter but for some reason disappear) and can not join my wife or vice versa. We used to join no problem and the last few weeks we can not join. She is a level 53 relentless matriarch. Every time i or her join get a “sending character to host” and then time out. One of us can join a friend but not both of us.

Both of us are on Window 10 enterprise. Wondering if anybody knows of a fix.

First off, I’d check that the version numbers are the same for both your games and that one of you is not missing a patch or DLC item.

Second, I’d take the precaution of fully rebooting both computers and making sure neither of you has an updates pending for the OS, drivers, or Steam Client. I’ve run in to the same error on XB1, and ultimately the cause seems to be stale cached connection data; if that’s the case here, a full reboot should hopefully clear that. The other thing you can try is both toggling your game to “private” and then back to whatever your normal network setting is.

If none of that works, you should file a support ticket - hopefully, the help desk folks will have additional trouble-shooting suggestions.

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