Can other people see me taunting in pre game lobby?

I usually see people doing their taunts and what not but I havent seen anything but stationary characters all weekend. I dont play with anyone I know online so does anyone know if others can see your taunt. I can see the skin changes and thats about it.

Yes, if you hit the correct button. on ps4, its triangle (the ult button)

All i know is it’s not the select button, thats only for you to see.


I know I can see myself taunt by pressing triangle but I haven’t seen anyone else taunt so far. I’m not 100% sure if we can see each other taunt. It may just be that the masses don’t know they can taunt yet.

Yeah, others can see you taunt if you press Triangle on PS4 or Y on Xbox1. A few other Whiskeys and I decided to taunt each other in a Chaos Rumble lobby using different taunts. It was fun, then sadly the game started. And I do believe since it’s not shown how to do it any more people are taunting less. They are probably assuming you can’t.


yeah its a thing. rojo equis picked isic and did the domo arigato taunt at me the other day before swapping characters, lol.

(im bad at stories and jokes; the joke is that my bandwidth for the month ran out so my mic makes me sound more like a robot than usual, lol #ForeverClaptrap)

Thanks, I tried all the D Pad buttons to no avail but havent tried triangle

I kept taunting in the character selection but nobody taunted me back. Jerks! :stuck_out_tongue: