Can PvP be more fun for average/casuals? Ideas from an article

Casual scrub here who gets maybe an hour tops to play a day. Like many (not all) casuals, I usually avoid the PvP in this game since I play without a team due to random playing time. Everybody knows what can happen to people who go into PvP without a team.

I just read an interesting article about another game (that I’m thinking of buying at some point, not just yet) that actually has a few ideas that make PvP less painful for average joes like me. Some sound really good, like only tracking wins and not losses or total matches that make you depressed when looking at your ‘Career’ tab.

Some of these can’t be applied to Battleborn (like the 5-10 minute match times), but I was wondering if any other ones could be. Any of these good? Are they only for lame casuals and would destroy this game, which should be for hardcore PvPers only? Whaddya think?