Can quests be skipped/swapped?

Well… as I really don’t like doing any PvP, I kind of feel annoyed that my Main and Daily Quest would force me to play PvP.

So… the main Quest says 5/20… does thst mean if I don’t follow the rules I don’t get any Other Quests? What if I am unable to win 3 Incursion Matches? No more Goodies?

I sure hope the next Daily Quests won’t have PvP only Goals…


You’re definitely not alone on this one. My friends and I will all be stuck at main quest number 5 for the foreseeable future. And if there are PvP-only dailies, then we will ignore that feature as well once we are all stuck with 3 PvP-only ones.

If something is meant to be done by all players, then it should be something that can be done in either PvP or PvE. If it is meant for only one of those groups (like a quest to win 3 incursions), then it should be in a separate category clearly marked as such (for example, the main quest line could be split in two: one PvE line and one PvP line).

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I guess if the folks at GBX see a significant % of their player base not advancing because of this, they’ll adjust the targets being set. I doubt I’ll get very far with PvP quests either (as in, probably won’t even try.)

But that’s why it’s a quest, not a “log-in and instantly receive” kind of a thing. People really dislike getting out of their comfort/easy zone in this game.


So far the PVP ones i’ve seen aren’t all that challenging though. I mean pretty much anybody can win a match as X faction, collect X number of shards, build x amount of things, etc. Now if there’s one that says get a Pentakill or something like that, well :unamused:

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the purpose of the story quests is that it trains new people- play different factions, win modes, etc. trying to get new players the ability to see what all the game offers


And what about those players that come into the game knowing that they do not want to play PvP? Are they supposed to just ignore the quest system like my friends and I will? Were I not already invested in the characters and lore of this game, that would be a big red flag early on and likely lead me to move on faster and, more importantly, avoid putting any more money into the game.

There are legitimate reasons for disliking PvP (and legitimate reasons for disliking PvE). Wanting to avoid dealing with uncalled-for (veiled) insults from people one doesn’t even know being a major one.


I just want to say two things.

  1. Some people don’t play characters from every faction. If I had to do UPR, I’d have NO idea who to play as.
  2. If you solo-que, winning is DAMN hard.

By the way, winning a match as a certain faction probably also means you can do a mission, and win it. So I think those won’t be a problem.


Not a pentakill, but one of my daily quests has get 3 double kills, now I am sure that for someone that PvP’s a lot that is extremely easy, as someone who mostly solo que’s and doesn’t really like PvP I can look at my stats and see: 80 Matches played, and 27 double kills, or about 1 double kill for every 3 games played. And I am pretty sure that most of those were from bot matches (didn’t think to check before the bot matches).

So I am looking at at least 9 PvP matches, which on PC including que time I would figure to be at least 6 solid hours of playing a mode I don’t like. However, like I said the vast majority of those probably were bot matches, and I would figure it would be close to 10 matches to get a double kill on average, which would bring me to 30 games played or about 20 hours of a mode I don’t like…to get 10 platinum, and if it doesn’t fall of the daily quest list it’s just a matter of time until I don’t have a daily quest list anymore because it’s just filled with quests that I won’t do.

Personally I don’t mind if the quests are PvE/PvP related because it mixes the challenges up, although I can see why people would dislike this.

Maybe it could work by paying credits to skip a daily? IDK how many would be a reasonable amount though. For skipping the quest however, you won’t be able to receive a new quest until the following day.

Well the 3rd daily Quest which includes killing BB of a certain Faction… so daily quests seem to be like that all the time… I don’t know abpout Private Versus, but it would be nice if these Matches would count too.

I don’t have a reliable team, and normally I don’t care for PvP, but it seems like if I want any Progress with the quests, I have to deal with it or live without the goodies.

Either way it annoys me.

I think the training incursion mode counts towards quests but the enemy team will always be Rath, OM and Montana. So I can’t see it being very effective.

Noticed that too but didn’t want to post it since it seems unintended… If I wasn’t so stupid I could have easily gotten First Blood with Ghalt, And BB Kills with Benedict and Thorn…

Now I can only Participate in 3 Man Practice, which won’t work if you don’t bring 2 Other Guys with you…

Definitivly plan to use it while it is still possible, since I don’t want to rely on the Lore being in Private Versus some when in the future.

Seems like progression was only active the first time you did the solo incursion training. When it then switches to 3 man incursion training with matchmaking, lore and challenges don’t progress anymore. Which I’m disapointed with since I thought I found a way to get that stuff done without having to do regular PvP :wink:

Yeah, noticed that too… sadly.

Great… now I’m Stuck witg “Kill 3 Jennerit/ 7 Jennerit and Kill 5 Rogue BB” Challenges.

I thought You could Store only Three, being Stuck with that Three unless you clear one of them is a Whole different Deal though.

I thought one of my Challenges would be Overwritten… but seemingly I can only Choose between no goodies or PvP…

Rather go out empty than letting myself get dragged into a no fun scenario.

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what is the actual reward for this? i know the daily it tells you the reward and there was something like 10 platinum. which sounds nice at first but if its something that i have to grind for hours to get because i suck at PVP then its not worth wasting my time on just for 10 platinum. now what i think they could do is let you bypass them and get to another one. you wont complete all 20 weeklies but you could skip the PvP ones that arent worth it and still get maybe half of them. at least you could feel like you are prorgessing somewhat as opposed to it being stuck at 5/20 for the whole week.

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I hate the UPR. Maybe gally need be, but that’s it

This is the answer


“Might consider” sounds very very far away… :sweat:

Probably in the same Update which allows Lore Unlocks in Private Versus :sweat_smile:


Sometimes I ask good questions :smile: