Can some purple guns get a drop rate increase?

I’m talking more specifically about some alien barrel guns, such as protuberance which have insanely low drop rate. I’ve spent several months farming for an anointed protuberance as this one with the most specific methods to obtain it (mass farming with gun gun when anointed chance was greatly increased during the past event, even used a trick to farm crazy earl quicker) and I haven’t gotten a single one with the anointment I want. I was lucky enough to find someone to trade two for me.

Considering the possible trend that gearbox may want to increase level cap in small increments similar to seasons, people who want very specific purple guns with very specific anointments will seldom get them. Moreover, the power of those guns isn’t that high compared to some legendaries. Protuberance is a nice alternative to the lob as of currently (it isn’t even the best single target damage dealer for a zane that maximizes its damage with cold bore, for example, compared to the lob) and there are some builds that make great use of them, but I don’t think the very high rarity is justified.

I hope there are more people who believe that legendaries shouldn’t be the automatic best endgame gear you can attain for all builds. Let us have a little more freedom and more build diversity please :slight_smile:

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I agree. I’ve never even seen a One Shotter Shield in the wild.

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Not anymore!!!


Haha. :clap::clap::clap:

Totally agree with this! I’ve been wasting hours and hours trying to get ANY kind of protuberance or cloning maddening tracker to drop whereas some legendaries I seem to pick up after just a few tries. It’s insane and annoying, a fix would be welcome

Since there is RNG in each of the parts for an item, in order to increase the drop rate, they could either make more purples drop, or increase the chance of specific ones dropping. The alien barrels certainly seem to be significantly more rare than the others, and could use a buff.

Personally, I’d really like to see the ability to reroll one weapon part with eridium, and reroll an anointment as well. I know this idea has been thrown around before, but it would really make a huge difference in terms of how grindy farming can be, and it would give us something to do with the massive amount of eridium that piles up if you actually play end game.

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That would be amazing. The main problem with some alien barrel guns and some shields are the parts. Protuberance can roll a magazine part that grants it 650% increased damage, which is the only part that makes it useful. If you noticed, most protuberances roll with 400 damage. They need that part to reach 3k+ damage and be useful. So, not only protuberances are rare, but they have TWO rng layers, the parts and the anointment.

To be honest, I would love to have some kind of incremental upgrade process in this game since the all or nothing drop system doesn’t appeal to me at all. It’s worse than in other looter games and it is single player, which means trading is seldom a thing, but also because we have no proper platform to trade stuff on.

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If you have more eridium than you know what to do with, the Gun Gun can be a good way to farm epic (purple) items.

Did you read my original post? I spent 200k eridium (don’t ask me how I got it) to get a protuberance with the anointment I want and I have never found one. That’s 200k guns.

Sorry, I missed that in your original post.

Gun Gun is how I got mine. Sorry you didn’t have better luck.

The way epic equipment works, I don’t think it’s possible for them to do what you’re suggesting without making those variants unique. Or at least it’s prohibitively impractical.

That might actually be the way to go since, like you said, some epic variants can be more powerful than legendaries. I’d say that qualifies them to be classified as legendary or at least unique.

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