Can somebody explain the part system

We’ve done it all, maxed our vault hunters to 69, gotten the most badass loot. However over the long duration I’ve played this game I have never understood the part system and I’m playing the game again with a new friend now and would like to understand it. If anybody could help me that’d be great!

Have fun reading!

Just for listing of the links above:

  1. The Beginner’s Guide to the Weapon System. This is THE thread when it comes to learning about what makes guns what they are. Incredibly useful guide.
  2. The Numbers Guide. A reference as to what parts make up the numbers on a weapon card.
  3. The Part Spotters Guide. The thing you keep open so you can check what action that repeater you just picked up has. Spend enough time in here and you’ll be able to identify all the parts of the guns you find.
  4. Elements, Multipliers, and YOU. The way elements work in this game is awesome, and the system is fairly deep(compared to BL2’s % procs). If you wanna know what the hell x4 Corrosive means, this is the place.
  5. Laws of Weapon Creation and Naming. Prefix ■■■■. I still don’t even.
  6. Determining a weapon’s max stats through it’s Weapon Name. Takes most of the stuff from the other naming threads, adds some more, and tells you how to translate it.
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Man that was a **** ton of reading but thanks though.

Not so easy to explain like BL2 and TPS loot system, huh? :P.

Yeah its way more complicated then I thought.

Would love to read that info but the links don’t work. Any other way I can get to this info?

The Beginner’s Guide was ported over to this forum and it’s the the Loot section. Other than that:

Part Spotters guide:

Number’s Guide:

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