Can somebody explain this to me? (Corvette question)

Currently on Mission 13 (Graveyards at Karos) and still haven’t gotten MultiGun Corvettes.

Is this normal? Will they unlock at a later time in the campaign?

That’s… not normal.
You should have gotten the technology in mission 7, where Fleet Command remarks that they’d be great to use against all those swarmers.

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I believe the script that trigger multi-gun corvettes research only run in the garden of kadesh mission and (apparently) is not linked to a mission completion script. This means it can somehow be missed and you can complete the mission as normal. I am not aware of any other chance to get the tech other than in that mission. If you want to try and finish the game without them I can suggest some drone frigs, light corvets (better than heavies against fighters) and 70 defenders for anti strike craft duty.

Grav wells and assault frigs also seem to work very well against all strike craft, just keep your own very far clear. good luck and maybe post or link this in the mega thread so they know what scripts are having issues.

ForceUser, you are correct, the research trigger happens while fighting the enemy mothership and a couple waves of swarmers come at you.

I didn’t receive it because I had about 15 ion frigates and killed the mothership quickly, so the swarmers didn’t get as much “screentime” as they should have.

Surely it should remain available for research regardless?

Wow I tried but I couldn’t kill the mothership as it’s supposed to be invulnerable in the mission. the invulnerability might not have been able to trigger quickly enough lol.

Not if the flag that actually triggers the script that plays the sound byte (and activates the research) never triggers. In the case of the research vessel destroyed thing I would assume that as soon as you click an item to research it marks the tech as being ‘unavailable’ (it removes it from the research interface) if you cancel the research it ‘re-adds’ it to the research interface. But if you research something but do not cancel it but the research vessel gets destroyed then it’s removed, not finished research and theres no way to re-add it to the interface.