Can somebody give me scream sickle

That has +6 silence the voices and empty the rage +5 and melee 44% asking help and ask me what you want in trade for it

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What’s the level range you’re looking for? I probably have a few on a mule.

my max level is 61would you want something in return ?

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61 is max but the level is not a problem

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I’ll take a look - I may not have one that low. I’ll let you know later today. And I don’t require anything in return :slightly_smiling_face:

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ok i appriciate your kindnes (level is not a problem cause i just got uvhp 2 and please understand tha engish is not my native language so sorry for mistakes)

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about the get it uvhp 2

Ok - I’ve got a level 57 you can have. I also have a level 65 Legendary you can have.

Send me a Steam message.

it seems i cant but i aded you as friend name darkduck

Right. I’ll see you on later today then (it’s currently 8:30am Pacific/ west coast time North America).

but take note also its 18:48 eastern europe time

Hey would you be down to shoot me that mod as well? I’m using a level 34 mod with my lvl 56 krieg and it’d be nice to use a better mod for the future

Sorry - they’re gone now. I don’t have any spares - only OP level gear for my various Kriegs.

Rip. Are you still active on borderlands 2? I’m trynna do raid bosses with a squad but cant find anyone

Not really active. I plunk around from time to time but I’m usually offline. My Steam friends hate me :smile: