Can Somebody Help Me, Please

Playing on PC as Moze at Level 34 and I am getting shredded by the Agonizer 9000. He has now killed me around 12 times in a row. Usually it is once I have taken his shield down and need to destroy the purple core. When I get hit there are no enemies to take down for a second wind. I have set my network to ‘Open to the Public’, is this correct ? It will be my first attempt at Co-op play. I’m in the UK on GMT

Get better gear and try not to get hit…

This is not trolling though :sweat_smile: it’s actually that simple haha (you could do it with sub-par crap items but will require skill and patience)

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But I am really struggling. My weapons are there-or-there abouts on-level. If it is easy for you could you drop in and help me?

Core is the easiest part of that fight. It requires little damage in comparison to armor. Should be couple shots from any gun, but shock is the best.

I can help you if you want. But i never did the multiplayer mode, so it will take time to set it up.
Also, i only have lv 57 characters, so this will not be a challenge

Yes, the core part is an easy part. Once you reached that part you are usually pretty much set for a win

Pay attention to the crit spots, you do the most damage to those. They are his red eyes, the red tank on his back and the little red boxes under his arms and aside his head. There is also one in his belly that does big damage but it is hard to hit as he has a barrier in front of it.

Keep circling him, aiming for the crit spots. When his armour is gone choose a high fire rate, accurate gun and hit the purple target in his chest. A fully automatic dahl ar or smg is great for this.

Are you running deathless Moze? If so, maybe don’t run a non-healthgate build.

Lastly, try to increase your base speed using fleet/vagabond on your shield. Fleet is faster movement speed with shields down, vagabond is faster with full shield. I believe Moze has a skill that allows firing whilst running. Use that.

Lastly, don’t stand still.

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I just friended you if you want help …

Recommendation for the core - stand off to the side and if it starts turning towards you, slowly walk but keep firing at it.

Also try to keep an add or two alive just in case you do go into FFYL. Part of it is situational awareness and knowing where to shoot if this does happen.

The fact OP is getting it to the core part shows his weapons are capable.
Another hint for the core is to use an automatic weapon. The core is not strong and full auto will chew it down rather quickly.

Good luck.

Thanks. The mission is complete. Someone joined whilst I was having dinner. When I returned I was way back in the mission and someone was scrapping with the Agonizer. I never saw the final kill, but when we got back to Sanctuary there was a disaster. I left a window open and the wet got in and caused a powercut. Everything is up and running now. I have never had a ‘Friend’ in any of the Borderlands games. Do I need to do anything at my end ? Perhaps we can try some co-op stuff in the near future?

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Sure. I’m at level 57 with good weapons…it might spoil things for you if I help you beat something though? On the other hand, if I join you sometimes, supposedly I would see level 57 opponents and you would see ones at your level.

Accept me as a friend if you want to try it sometime.