Can somebody please improve my skills :)

Looks botched.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

You’re all over the place with skills. What would you like to focus on? Grenade damage weapons, non elemental, basic guns? How much turret usage?


I was thinking the same but i’m not an Axpert so was waiting for someone better qualified to answer him :slight_smile:

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Seriously though, it’s just unfocused. Looks like you have a Legendary Ranger COM on? As always, if you’re packing high-end gear, this will be fine, but if your gear set is limited, let us know what you’re packing, and we can point you in the direction of a build that will get the most out of that gear (and/or recommend replacement gear).

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Yeah thought that was the best way for a rookie :smile:
I’ve started with the gunpowder tree. And I’ve played like this ever since. Read alot about skilling but was a little afraid of the consequences. In almost all videos I’ve watched about skilling for uvhm they’ve skilled the gunpowder tree nothing at all. So, I’m honestly don’t know.

I want axton as strong as possible. I’m only use elementary weapons, besides sniper rifles. Turret is also a good friend, use it very often.

Really clueless about skill my anxton best.

Got some very good gear I guess. And yes, it’s the legendary Ranger mod. This thing also kind of troubles me. :wink:

If you want to go straight for min/maxing, @Piemanlee has a top gear for Axton thread here somewhere, and there’s a master build list somewhere as well, with bits for Axton. That’s probably what you’re looking for?

I, for one, love that Legendary Ranger COM. If you can keep kill skills up, Axton is a beast.


So basic guns and heavy turret usage. Got it :+1: what level are you? What shields do you have access to?

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Elementary guns? Level 62. Got two legendary shields: whiskey tango foxtrot lv 62 but didn’t know how to use it best. :smile: And I’m usin a bee shield almost always. Level 56, unfortunately.
Many thanks :slight_smile:

Hooboy! Good thing @Adabiviak 's here!


Ok if I’m going to base this build off of the bee I’ll have to ask what guns you’re using? Or i can suggest picking up a different shield so you can survive better

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Next problem. I really didn’t know much about shields. :confused:
But here my favorite weapons atm.

And normally I wearing this :

But I think there is alot of space for improvement too.
Uhyeah, handling a pandemic corrosive lv 62. So super strong that I never have to try something different. I think that was a mistake also. Buts really really good.

Thanks alot guys :kissing_heart:

I’d recommend you go and get a decent adaptive shield or turtle shield, they’ll be more useful in general play.


Try this
Good turret usage, survivability, and gun buffs.
I’d also recommend a turtle or adaptive shield, but don’t shy away from any good absorb, spike, or nova shield. I always run a cooldown relic with a turret based build. Or a bone of the ancients, so you also get some added elemtanl damage. I can’t stress enough how important slag is in uvhm


Okay, I’ve read how important slag is now. Really don’t used it very much before. The thing with the shield is that I’m a little afraid of loosin that amplify feature. Think that’s the main reason makes my axton strong like he his atm. Is there any relic you could recommend?
Thanks for your work. The class mod is factored in? Will test it immediately :slight_smile:


You’ve got to level 62 without really using slag, i’d say that’s quite impressive.


I recommended a cooldown relic. Standard or a bone of the ancients. Class mod was not factored in sorry. As for the damage worry, just slag and aim for critical hits. You should also start putting points to get doen to Gemini, so you can have2 slag turrets.
Edit: his best legendary class mods are soldier or engineer. But he has some outstanding blue and purple coms


Okay :slight_smile: I’ll search for them. Would your recommended skill suggestion affected by the class mod thing?

I’m not a fan of the legendary ranger, so maybe @Adabiviak can help you there. I will give you this tho

Okay. Need to read everything from time to time. :sunglasses:
So now I’ve got 30 skill extra points that I don’t know what to do with :stuck_out_tongue: