Can somebody tell me what excactly are tournament rules?

My Team:
Benedict (ME)

Enemy Team:

So me and my BB friends played a team last night RANDOMLY against another 5 man group. This was probably the best game weve played in a while as we usually pubstomp HARD.

So the match ends we end up winning and the guy joins our party… Not sure who invited him but he did. Instead of saying “GG WP” he tries to come up with every excuse in the book as to why they lost.


  1. Why did we pick Galiea, Shes OP or something around that nature.
  2. We were pocket healing the Galiea (That stat wont work in competitive play because each gets 2 bans im assuming)
  3. Why Did we use Legendaries, They just aren’t fair to use and aren’t aloud competitively. (Mind you the only legendaries used was our character legendaries and one of us had Vyn quiver)
  4. Some other excuses but I don’t remember

If im missing something someone please let me know if What we did put them in HUGE disadvantage.
We had 50 more score points than they did and we won 100-0 @ Overgrowth. If you guys want me to ill post stat screenshots as well.

Well this game doesn’t have a true esport yet so rules would be subjective. I would assume in a true tourney all gear would probably have to be banned for this as all loot is RNG as for bans would have to be private as we have no draft pick.

So my question to you is did we put them at a disadvantage in any way? Imo the legendary used had little to do with why they lost.

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Galilea is nowhere near OP, and if you lose to pocket healing a Galilea, then you just aren’t playing well. As for competitive rules, there is literally no competitive play so that just is not a sensible excuse

You did nothing wrong. You won fair and square. You were not in a tournament, so why tournament rules? Sounds like they are just sore losers. I’ve won w/randoms against 5 man pre mades stacked with legendaries a few times. They got outplayed, plain and simple.

Sounds like the guy is just a sore loser.

Legendary gear is not op and does not guarantee a win.

“Pocket healing” is a strategy. It’s meant to be used. Just because he didn’t like it doesn’t mean you were at an advantage by using this technique.

Galilea is no where near OP. She hasn’t been since the 2nd nerf. She’s easily countered. Lots of people consider Kleese, Orendi, and Thorn to be OP so you could use the same excuse back at him.

You guys did great :thumbsup:

I doubt it my guess is you had mid control so they could not farm as well essentially better team won.

Yeah, they’re just sore losers.

No actually competitive settings have been set, so they’re just talking out their arses, and either way you weren’t playing in a tournament so it wouldn’t matter.

Biggest issue for them would have been their comp. The best way to deal with Galilea is with hard CC(stuns/knock ups), which they were lacking.

They had two slows and blinds, and only one stun from Ghalt, putting a lot of pressure on him to get a good pull on Galilea.

With Alani and Miko though, so long as your Galilea wasn’t over extending, she would be near impossible to kill.

Their blinds could be useful to break Miko’s beam, but Alani is still there for big burst heals.

The typical MOBA competitive settings consist of two bans from each team, alternating one choice at a time. Then the team that banned second gets one character pick first, then it alternates two picks at a time until each team has five. No duplicate characters, meaning if one team picks a character, the other team can’t use them. So the process looks like this:

Team A Ban
Team B Ban
Team A Ban
Team B Ban

Team B 1 Pick
Team A 2 Picks
Team B 2 Picks
Team A 2 Picks
Team B 2 Picks
Team A 1 Pick

The higher seeded team gets to choose whether they want to ban first or pick first.

I would say though, if your team plans on playing competitively, it may be smart to get used to not running both Miko and Alani.

Odds are slim that you would get through the process of bans and picks with them both being on the same team.

Maybe have your Galilea player pick up an alt to practice with as well that would fit your team comp, as she would probably be banned a lot or highly sought after, so there is no guarantee you’d get her.

It would honestly be good to have your whole team be able to play at least two characters of the same role just in case they’re banned or picked by the other team first.

It’s important that any alts that are changed in don’t ruin the synergy of your team comp, meaning you still have a good spread of CC with all needed roles fulfilled.

The usage of Legendary items are up in the air at the moment, but for now, keep using them until you read something definitive.

Again, all that is if your team plans to play competitively, and wants to prepare for it. If not, then don’t worry about it, and keep on keeping on.

Haha I was in that game. GT is mlgx420yoloswag. Think I was the Ghalt.

Gali/Miko is usually banned in one way or another in the tournaments I’ve seen as well as all legendaries. Legendaries banned is just like the tourney rules and usually Miko and/or Gali are banned by players. Gali with a pocket Miko is very hard to stop and probably the most OP combo in the game, especially with another healer to get Miko back up when your focusing him.

Part of his frustration was probably us not really going try hard (we had a Cal on our team lol) and you guys running (in our eyes) the most OP combo in the game. But of course we couldn’t see who you guys were picking and vice versa.

Not to mention Benedict kept going to shard spot and trying to backdoor Grrrrr lol.

Edit: we are slightly trying to get into competitive, thus don’t usually play with things that are banned. We usually expect 5 man parties to play by the same rules, although I suppose that’s unrealistic for us to assume considering we are playing pubs. Hindsight is 20/20

Edit: we probably wouldn’t have won regardless bc most of us were trying new characters and one guy was split screening with his room mate, but I can understand the Gali/Miko frustrations, etc regardless

This guy. So instead of coming into the forum and saying GGWP my teammates were just mad about losing, you come in here and make more excuses on why you lost. Even your edits are full of more excuses. I assume you and your friends are use to stomping people into the ground in public matches. I’m even sure you have come across this, in your eyes “OP”, combo or teams who use legendaries and still put a beatdown on them. This time was different…you got beat. No way could that happen to your team. Not us. Now the excuses fly; “OP” combo, new characters( Even though you probably play Ghalt a bit), two were splitscreening!!!(Why does this matter?), using legendaries, the backdoors(map awareness and buffed sentry would negate that) and we assume all pub teams play by Tourney rules( Really???). The simple answer is you lost. What you should do is evaluate why your team really lost(Gameplay, mistakes, awareness) instead of evaluating how the other team “cheated” you because your team is so good you couldn’t possibly lose. I have played with this Benedict plenty of time. He harasses and destroys your economy while pulling someone from your team away from lane. If this happens to be your Ghalt or Thorn job well done on his part for pulling either your hard CC or wave clear. To say all these things are the reason you lost is simply childish. You got beat, it happens. The better team won this time. Learn and move on.

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I really don’t want to see this kind of drama on this forum.

This place is for talking about the game, not other forum users.

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