Can Somebody Test this Digi-Clone Idea?

I equipped the Messy Breakup shield, and realized that my Digi-Clone also had its own drone, despite not equipping the Distributed Denial or Double Barrel perks. This leads me to believe that the Digi-Clone passively gains your shield bonuses by default (if I am wrong, correct me). This got me thinking: Does your Digi-Clone obtain your passive artifact effects?

I wanted to give my clone the Face-Puncher shotgun, and a Knife Drain artifact, potentially allowing the clone to heal itself, improving its survivability. Maybe even a White Elephant so it can crit, as well, taking advantage of Brainfreeze. As I do not have these equipment, can somebody test this for me so I don’t waste my time farming if it does not work?

Digi clone does get your shield, but not the relic. Someone on Twitch tested that with a rough rider and a deathless relic.

You can make your clone heal himself by equipping the rerouter though.

Regarding your facepuncher idea. I had the same idea, because melee does x3 against frozen enemies, but it seems like the facepuncher doesn’t.

Someone just told me, that the clone gets your artifact, but not every effect. since nobody opposed me here, I’m just gonna correct myself. I haven’t viably tested this myself, so it’s gossip for me. But maybe you’ll try it now and can give proof to this forum.