Can someone at Gearbox look at my service request!

Request #75361, it has been four months, I started this on Nov 13, did everything that was requested by the CS rep over the course of two months. I sent pics of my screen with the error then a video, pics of my disc with my email, contacted x box tech support to troubleshoot my console. he said it was being moved to a second tier agent and I still haven’t heard anything and the original rep wont respond to my emails.

this is getting a little ridiculous.

Moved to tech support.

@Jeffybug / @joekgbx ?

I’d assume that if it went to Xbox tech support, there’s not a lot gbx can do. I could be wrong. Some details about the actual error might help.

Hey there @mdb8607! Sorry you’re kinda mired up in this.

I’ll pass your ticket number on to the team and see what I can find out for you today. Thanks for being so patient. Four months is a long time!

And thanks for the heads up, @Riviet!

Disc read error, my disc has not worked right from day one, every other game I have works fine.

the disc either wont play or it will stop mid game.

the CS rep flat out said it was a bad disc in an e mail then made me send screen shots of the error and a video of what it is doing both I have done.

thank you.

Charley in CS contacted me got me fixed up, worst part about this is I bought an Xbox one since this all started and im gonna have to buy it for the one now too.

Thank you for your help!


Excellent. Good to read that.

Glad to hear you got it figured out!

they gave me a download code, am I going to lo0e everything I have done in the game now?

Not if you have all your character save files and the profile data file still in your game folder. Check your storage device under settings > storage device and make sure they are all in the same folder as your digital download of the game and you should be good to go.

well, I tried the code and it said the code was already redeemed, now I haven’t heard anything since the 22nd.

at this rate the next BL will be out and ill still be trying to play this one. :sob:

Okay. I’ll try to raise this from back here.

they want me to send another video! im done with this.

and I didn’t respond fast enough for them evidently so they deemed the case resolved and closed it.

@mdb8607- I thought we had gotten you figured out here. Still having issues I see?

I boxed it up with a letter and printed out the tech support history and shipped it to Gearbox. I cant spend anymore time dealing with this without getting really pissed and I don’t want to get to the point where I wont do business with Gearbox because I love the BL games, so hopefully they do something with it to try and figure out what the problem is so it doesn’t happen to someone else, while im out $60.

P.S. I did just order the Handsome Collection for the Xbox One.

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If I can help, please PM me! :slight_smile: I want to do anything I can to make sure we get you taken care of!

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will do, I just want to get back to playing!

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