Can Someone Boost me please!

Can Someone boost me i’ve finished the game a couple of times and i’m really exhausted if im gonna make a new character finishing the story again.
PSN: Poroogami

If you have a max level character or a higher level character that’s at least up into UVHM, you can split screen power boost your lower character. If you start at OP8 you’ll need to go down to OP 0 or else your new char won’t get any exp. Just grab a dual sham fleeting Sal or an Anarchy sham fleeting Gaige and power through Pete’s Bar over and over again. It took me an hour or so to get a new toon to L55 awhile back to play with some friends. You can’t do this on PS4, but you listed as PS3 so you do have this option. Even if you aren’t at max level, you can still boost this new toon to your highest level toon with this idea.