Can Someone Explain BL:TPS Terms to Me Please?

Hey all,

I was hoping there might be a glossary of some of the terms and acronyms slung about on these community forums. I keep seeing these terms and acronyms and not really understanding them. :frowning: For example, UVHM and TVHM - I have no idea what those are. :cry: I haven’t found any other threads that explain these things, so maybe this thread can be a place to post such explanations? We can call it a Glossary if you want. :smile: At the very least, if someone can explain UVHM and TVHM to me, that’d be great.

TVHM = True vault hunter mode
UVHM = Ultimate vault hunter mode

Thank you :smiley:

That’d actually be more wiki-material, or just Google it. You can always make a thread on the forum like you did just now to ask what something means, but again, Google is your friend.

In character discussions you’ll find that 9 times out of ten the acronym is referring to a skill in the characters skill tree. For example, when referring to Dopplegangers skill Absolute Advantage, a lot of people will abbreviate it to AA.

People will often shorten whole skill trees as well. Fragtraps “I Love You Guys” tree will be abbreviated ILYG.

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ADS means Aiming Down Sights (which eluded me for quite some time, actually).

Acronyms usually either refer to skills or legendary guns. When reading about builds do like I do and open an online skill tree viewer on another tab. As for guns, not sure if TPS (The PreSequel) has any guns as infamous as the the Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold in BL2 (dpuh)
Oh yeah and PT1=playthrough 1, ie normal mode
PT2=true vault hunter mode
PT2.5= True vault hunter mode with the story finished (sidequests you accept at this point scale to your own level)
TTAoDK= Tiny Tina’s assault on dragon keep, the 4th dlc for BL2
Toon= character

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I really dislike when people use this term. So much.


How odd - I’ve never seen anyone use it outside of WoW. But yes, it’s an annoying term.

I recall a couple of people using that term in the old BL2 subforums.

This, as well as the forums of every game that remotely resembles an RPG that I’ve ever frequented.

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A few that you probably should know.

  • FFYL = fight for your life, the time you are down and without someone
    to revive you trying to get a kill before you are respawned
  • DPUH = double penetrating unkempt harold, a legendary pistol which
    was in Borderlands2 but used for comparison quite a bit
  • AS = action skill
  • BA or BAR = badass rank
  • DLC = downloadable content (in case you are new to gaming in general)
  • DoT = (elemental) damage over time
  • AoE = area of effect, usually for grenades like teslas, clouds, cryos, firebursts
  • DPS = damage per second
  • OP = overpowered OR original poster of the thread
  • rez = revive
  • crit = critical hit
  • COM = old use of the term COMmand deck which refers to class
    modification units (class mods)
  • SDU = storage upgrade unit, what you purchase with moonstones to
    increase your backback, bank, and ammo carrying capabilites or what
    you get as rewards your first PT to increase your weapon carrying
    capabilities from 2 to 3 and eventually to 4
  • raid or raid boss = a boss that you kill over and over to try and get his special item(s) to drop. almost every boss in BL2 was a raid boss but in BLTPS very few are raidable. This is a hot topic right now.

hopefully that is a good start.


I think it is “Class Optimization Module”.

You are probably right.


Indeed, it makes me cringe every time I see someone use the term. Mickey Mouse is a ‘toon’, a playable video game character is not.

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Me too, but I thought I’d clarify

Agreed. But it’s easier and shorter to type than other typical names. Class is my new go to. Not sure why it bothers me. I used it on the forums too only because it seemed to be common usage. But now I reject it. Like how I don’t like twitter as a name. And tweeting. If I think about it as posting to twitter it somehow doesn’t feel… extremely lame.

Toons doesn’t bother me at all. I use it as short hand for characters. Easier to type, and I’m sure I picked it up from my WoW days.

I do cringe when people refer to their characters as avatars. Sounds pretentious.