Can someone explain DLC6

Just need a quick rundown on what we know about DLC6 and the patch. Basically what is to come and what are available for those that do not own DLC6?

Director’s Cut is:

  • Ava’s side story about murder mystery
  • Raid boss in Ascension Bluff
  • Vault Cards
  • behind scene content

Non DLC6 items:

  • Anointment re-roll machine
  • Maurice machine
  • balances, fixes and other changes

New VH models for Season Pass 2 owners.
Also 4 new items will be added to Arms Race.

I think that’s all what we know so far.

Post on Facebook what is inluded Gearbox - The Borderlands 3 Director's Cut is only two... | Facebook


Thanks luv.

Specifically SP2 owners? Say I have DLC5 and then purchase DLC6, do I get this content?

Afaik yes, you need SP2 to get them for free. Otherwise they will be probably 10USD each like it was with the previous set.
But all will be clear in few hours.


Optimism: gone
Guess we will wait for a few hours.

Any news when exactly the new content is going to launch?

Thank’s for all your quick response’s and help. You’ve been very informative and patient with the forum and I’ve gotten good info since im on here almost daily and see it regularly. Glad you’re here.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Behind scene content will also be part of this dlc, I’ll add that to the list in first post.


Still not clear on that since it was announced but figured we would find eventually.

What do you mean? What is not clear?

What content they are showing that’s behind the scene. Like the making of certain dlc’s or the whole game. Or character voices.

Different stuff. How creature sounds were made, motion capture, cut content like the event after Promethea etc. We saw a menu with different categories and it looks like there is a lot of it.

BTW, this post has link to official latest list what is included in the DLC/patch. I’ll add the facebook link in previous post.

I saw a small video a while back about how they got gun sounds, thought that was interesting so ill check this out too. Always curious how they do these things lol.

Whats supernatural murders? Didnt hear about it.

It’s the Ava’s side story, the investigation on mystery murders.

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