Can Someone Explain the Aura Relics

I have searched for an answer, but found only two threads, non that fully answered my particular question.

I got an Atom Balm Aura relic; boost to aura blah, blah. I have it equipped, but cannot figure out if it is working, or how it works.

It says nothing about Slam or Slide; Just damage, burst damage & burst radius.

While I understand what they mean, how do I actually activate these buffs. Is it something that comes into effect when using actions skill ? Or something else.

Am using Amara.
Thanks in advance.

When you inflict the Radiation Status on and enemy, that enemy now has aura that irradates nearby enemies. Atom Balm makes that Aura bigger, and makes the Radiation Death-splosion stronger and bigger.

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Ok, that’s explains it. I rarely if ever use radiation guns. But I understand now.

It denotes whatever (in this case radiation) element must be applied to the enemy before it takes effect.
Got it. Many Thanks.