Can someone explain the Boring gun to me

I can’t figure out how to do by golly Mayhem 4 damage with this thing. All I can get is slow firing, moderate damage at a short distance in tight spaces. Not much of a second wind machine. I think it’s gotten me exactly zero in the what must now be hundreds of times I’ve been downed trying to kill something, anything, with it. So what is it good for? I’m missing something. Is there a certain skill on a certain toon that makes it unputdownable? Does it synergize with a relic or shield and make Mr Torgue yell HOLY F@$&*%¥T!

Simple answer: Zane @GimmickBuilds

For other characters I have no idea.


The Double Penetrating version makes a huge difference - the range is already super short, and these extra blades don’t ‘wreck’ this lousy accuracy any more.

The blades follow the ground, and after a while, spread a little too far to be meaningful for hitting something, making the effective range fairly short. See the screenshot below, and consider how wide your targets are. For all six of those blades to hit it, it has to be fairly close (or wide), but not so close that you eat the damage yourself. If you get all six blades to hit, the damage is there… there’s just a small gap between suicide and carnage where this thing shines.

edit - as I type this, aiming high may buy you some distance (like a few feet), as the blades appear to stay in a single unit until they hit the ground, where they start to roll apart. :thinking:

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I found aiming it like the Lead Storm (BL2 version) a little above their heads and a bit in front of them helps a bit

I thought with Spiritual Driver Elemental Projector Amara with a siren anointed Nova Version 0.m it might do some serious damage against the Hillbillies in the smallish cave. Wasn’t expecting the one shot Recursion result but wasn’t expecting to get myself decimated either. I just can’t figure it out.

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In my very first playthrough with FL4K I found it worked wonders against larger slow moving enemies, or tightly packed mobs and decimated most things up close. Billy the Anointed didn’t last too long against it. But haven’t used it for a while as it’s highly situational

It’s a fun gun more so then a practical one.

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It’s meant for chaos and the styles you described are order.
You’re using it wrong, also radiation and splash/aoe damage and radius fo a long way.
If you still want order though spacing and arc are important.