Can someone explain the ins and outs of his Energy Aegis?

I understand it doesn’t protect his legs, but surely it should stop all front on melee damage? I’m still taking damage from people like Phoebe with wards up and shield out. Granted it’s not full health, but it’s enough to stop my shields from recharging, and combined with the slower movement speed the energy aegis almost seems pointless if it can’t stop 100% of melee damage.

It’s not nearly as effective against melee characters. While it will absorb pheobe’s strikes, the damage from her strikes is about equal to each ward. Not to mention if you choose the reflect helix (I highly recommend it) it has to be a projectile, so melee strikes are unaffected.

My tips:

  1. Always try to overcharge wards.
  2. Don’t always use it while engaging. It beneficial to hold on to it sometimes.
  3. Pay attention to the type of character you engage. Projectile type are ISIC’s bread and butter.
  4. If you notice a projectile character trying to pressure you, activate wards and pressure them back. All their shots will reflect back, the closer the better, damaging them all while you dps with your cannon.

I’ve stunned a lot of mikos with their own spore ball not to mention hitting Reyna with her own mark. Super satisfying lol. Hopefully these helped. Lemme know if you have anymore questions. Good luck and see you on the battlefield!

Edit: if you’re talking about his secondary (LT xbox), you’re a very long and wide character. Try to face the enemy as best you can while holding it up. They can poke around it if you’re not careful.

Energy Aegis is his secondary ability, the actual shield. If you look at ISIC holding it, it covers his entire body from about the knees up. It should be more than enough space to completely negate front on damage, and that’s what I’m talking about - direct, front on, head to head. I still take damage THROUGH the shield, I’m not getting hit around it. Phoebe thrusts, so there’s not really much room for error in aiming, and there’s no possible way she was aiming at my feet.

Could she possibly be using a shield penetration item? That’s my next best guess.

It’s a consistent thing, it wasn’t just a single instance, that was just the best example. Every time I pull out my Aegis I still take damage, albeit a diminished amount, but it pretty much negates the effect which is to get your passive shields back up. Also shield penetration should surely only affect passive shields, right?

Personally I’ve found while his aegis blocks damage, I’ve never been able to get his shield to regen while using it if im taking hits. I wont take damage while blocking correctly, but shield regen seems to be affected by getting hit anyway. Try it in pve in a controlled situation (i was helping a kleese earlier and noticed this) and see if you get the same results.
I’m curious if it’s a bug.

I finally think I understand what you’re asking. Here’s my thoughts. While in theory, your passive shields could recharge while the aegis absorbs damage, I believe they only begin to recharge after a certain amount of time without taking damage. This means, in ISICs case, while not taking it directly to your health, your character model is still receiving damage that causes his passive shield refresh timer to be continually reset. This results in it not charging while it absorbs damage (game can’t tell the difference). His first helix, left side works great to get those shields fully charged quickly. Also if you’re blocking correctly, you shouldn’t be taking damage behind aegis. I mentioned shield penetration, other things like ground aoes and ticks like Melkas poison can affect you through the shield. Also shield penetration items should work against any shield. A portion of damage dealt directly to health should treat aegis no different I would hope.

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