Can someone explain the scoring in multiplayer?

I’m crap at this game, even crapper with the lag - therefore my score always seem to be the lowest (sometimes on both teams). Having said that, I’m really confused about the scoring in this game in multiplayer. For example in Meltdown, I think I’m doing the right thing either protecting the minions and seeing them home (or killing opposition minions), but that seems to be worth ■■■■. Could somemone explain the scoring system, the points you get for doing what. Just want to get off the bottom of the list/s.

2 points for a kill, 1 for an assist. Simple as that, unfortunately.


Sadly it is indeed THAT easy. Your contribution to the team (buildables are a good example), mean nothing.


As stated above, you only get points for kills and assists. Playing the objective gives you absolutely nothing. It’s sad because I usually tend to play the objective and usually end up with the lowest score on the team regardless of how many things I built, camps I captured, collectors I’ve secured, minions I’ve shephered or killed…

Very, very sad.


Probably why everyone I’ve come across only worries about K/D. I’ve had game where our whole team got roflstomped but we win by over 150 points (meltdown). It’s the most MOBA like game mode but everyone still wants to play team death match just for the points.

Thanks guys for the responses. Wow I’m a bit shocked by that. For a objective based team game that actually seems really counter productive. It’s no wonder lots of people just run around going for the kills. Ah well at least I don’t feel so bad now about being at the bottom of the list.

If I am remembering correctly I think Gearbox may be looking at the score and how to change it so that the contributions of other members of the team will be acknowledged more.

You can see your contribution of course on the stats screen at the end, personally I don’t worry to much about the score.

If as Miko I have lots of healing, then I feel that I contributed successfully. So on and so forth…

It would be nice to see a score represent that to a greater effect, but it doesn’t detract from the enjoyment I take from the game.

To be fair, I would enjoy this more by deciding on a character (still cant decide which I prefer), and finding a good group to play with on Xbox as none of my friend IRL play this (no matter how much I try and push the game)

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Dude, is that really what it is? This scoring system is harsh on support players.

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Well if you wait a couple weeks I’m sure your friends can get it for free at the rate the price drops are going

[quote=“Rabid_Explosions, post:4, topic:1475268”]
I usually tend to play the objective and usually end up with the lowest score on the team regardless of how many things I built, camps I captured, collectors I’ve secured[/quote]

Wow. That is awful. Objectives should be scored equal to or greater than kills/assists. This isn’t TDM.

lol true, they tend to prefer Doom and the Star wars battlefront though, no taste :slight_smile:

There is just one thing wrong about it… people think points tell everyone how good they are.
But points mean nothing and earn you nothing… they exist just for one single reason : to get a winner when it’s a tie (what will never happen anyways if you focus on points, you simply lose).
And since you get points for assists too, it’s allways the team with more teamplay that will win when it’s a tie and not the team where one guy went solo on a rampage.
1 guy gets solo a kill = 2 points
all teammember contribute to that same single kill by damage or healing = 6 points total for the team

Its just the order how stats are listet that confuses most people.
The order needs to get changed depending on the mode you play and for stats like kills and deaths you should have to scroll to see them

Aren’t the points used to determine how much XP you get and character progression? I was under that impression.

Nope, not at all… it’s all from the repeatable challenges you can do each match.
i earn a lot of commander rank xp and character xp by killing minions, buildings stuff and other things that don’t earn you any points

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Now this makes more sense.

Hmm, I thought those points corresponded to my after match XP. Fair enough

Support players get support assists, though.

If you just healed someone and they get a kill, ta-da! Support assist.

Not sure how well it works with Reyna, though.

Yea, it works that way with rayna also. I have master of Reyna so Im pretty familiar. Here is the problem I have found with support characters. If you aren’t getting kills it’s difficult to progress your helix compared to an attacker.

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just damage every minion. no need to kill them. you’ll gain xp for them even they hop into the grinder

problem solved

if i play kleese or miko i’m usually 2 levels ahead of my teammates early game, sometimes even 3 levels at endgame (except i need to run too much shards because my teammates don’t watch the timer… the big ones respawn after 2 minutes after they got destroyed )