Can someone explain "you. will. die. (seriously.)"

Me and some friends are gonna be finishing TVHM tonight, hopefully. We was wondering after completing the quest “you. will. die. (seriously.)” will all monsters (including bosses/raid bosses) scale up to level 50?

all u need is to beat the warrior…that next mission is the invincible boss

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Yes is the answer to your question. End game scales to your level in TVHM, and in UVHM it scales with you as you progress. So when you hit level 50, all mini bosses, mobs, and RAIDs will be your level, although RAID bosses are a couple higher.

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Thanks vault hunters.

Also Darth, for example if I killed Doc Mercy already when I complete the you will die quest will he go from level 33 to 50? ( I killed him at level 33 )

me too lol .

You Will Die is just a side quest for end game v Terramorphous. All other game play adjusts to level 50. So every side mission you pick up, all enemy around the maps, all mini bosses from side missions you have already done. Loot will drop from level 48-50, and any boss that drops a legendary can be farmed over and over again. Any mission you did that gave you a reward is done and dusted, so some people leave certain side missions till end game meaning they can then pick up that mission and be rewarded with the item at level 50. - if that makes sense.

Basically once you kill the Warrior and defeat Jack, it over. When you quit the game and come back in, you’ll be in end game level. In TVHM this does everything above. If and when you start Ultimate mode, it then acts differently because the game scales with you as you play along. So if you killed Doc Mercy at level 55 for example, when you were level 60 you could kill him and he would drop level 60 gear, then at 65, and 70 and 72…

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Ah, I completely understand now. You seem to know your stuff :smile: I really do appreciate the info dude, I looked everywhere and couldn’t get a right answer. So thank you once again, very much.

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