Can someone give me a Legendary sickle PLS.(and I'm using the user SugarDaddyTyrone)

I want to do a krieg melee build and need one

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What level do you need?

Level 72 (or OP 1-5)!

The one I have in the bank is level 70, and I think +51% melee damage. It’s not perfect, but I don’t have any plans for it. If you want it my PSN is Hanzothesaw, and I’m on now. If you have a level 72 slag Avenger or a level 72 or lower Legendary Sniper com you could part with I’d be grateful.

OK! Thats sounds great. my brother have a Zer0 and he wants both of the avenger and the sniper com! Thanks so much!

I don’t have the slag avenger or the sniper com, I’m looking for them. I probably have a mid 60s Avenger I don’t have any use for, you’re welcome to it if you can use it.

oh… but then my brother have a sniper com with 60 or something close!

The com I’m looking for, legendary sniper, only drops after level 61 from tubbies. If you or your brother have one to spare that’s cool, but the Leg Sickle com I have, and the mid 60s Avenger if you want it, is yours no matter what.

Are you or your brother PSN: AllNamesTaken357?

No it’s SugarDaddyTyrone.

Just checking. It was the only new request I received recently. I mostly play in the morning on Saturday and during the day during the week eastern standard time, so those would be the best times to find me.