Can someone help me boost one of my characters?

I was just wondering if someone could help me . My gamertag on Xbox one is Tetsuoe. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Got you moved to the Xbox One section. Happy looting!

you talking BL2 or TPS? i can power level in BL2, but had to start over fresh on TPS due to a corrupt save.

He originally posted this in the Borderlands 2 section, so that one :smile_cat:

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thanks for the clarification kitty_jo…feel free to add me to your friends list rinzler my username here is my gamertag, i’ll be doing a couple warrior dashes tonight helping out other vault hunters show starts around 8:30pm CST, first come, first leveled.

If anyone would help me power level in BL2 I’ll be super greatful. Thanks :smiley:

If anyone would be available to help me boost one of my characters on Xbox one it would be greatly appreciated GT Cappnstabbin

Bump if anyone is available to help

hey can u powerlevel me?