Can someone help me fine-tune a piloting Moze Build for MH4?

I recently have picked up BL3 again, heared of a couple Buffs here and there, DLC etc.,
so i decided to play with a good Friend of mine, who was playing Barrier+SNTL Zane.

It didn’t take long until i noticed how my friend is doing all the damage,
not dropping his Barrier once, and i cant help but feel my build is weak,
which was a 1-HP SoR Build back then.
So i ended up trying a couple Iron-Bear focused builds.

My Goal was to be able to Pilot Iron Bear for as long as possible, killing as much as possible along the Way, before having to jump out and wait/fight for Iron Bear to come back up.
So i was focusing on reducing the Fuel Drain as much as possible, which ended up in me using Bear Trooper, since Raging Bear only Buffs your Damage and Fuel Drain for a Short time after the Trigger (or at least thats what it seemed to do).
I did end up with a Build that was capable of farming smaller Bosses / Rare Enemies for Equipment, but against the Big Boys its lacklusting.

Iron Bear Build.
The Points in Grizzled, Stainless Steel Bear and Explosive Punctuation are added by my current Class Mod. Along that i use a Multivitamin Shield with the 30% Cooldown Rate Annointment, and a Piss Grenade Mod with the 20% Chance to spawn when taking damage while in Iron Bear.
Bear Equipment is currently Vanquisher Rocket Pods without Augment, they deal the most consistend Damage with a small Splash Radius, keeping Iron Bear healthy along the way.

So, how can i improve this build? As for my Weapons, i havent picked anything in particular yet, but i have a feeling that the Ogre is pretty usefull in combination with the Cooldown Rate Increase from Explosive Punctuation.

Do you have topped off yet? If so Explosive punctuation is weak and you should put points in grizzled instead. If not 2 points in gizzled isnt doing much of anything.

If your looking for damage use the blast master class mod

Hi. I haven’t a situation going on that MIGHT be what you’re looking for. Have a look over here

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The problem with the Bear Trooper COM is that it falls way short on DPS in comparison to other class mods like Blast Master, Mind Sweeper and Raging Bear. Whatever extra fuel you save, you could be using up twice as much fuel just to match the damage the other class mods provide. 3/3 Deadlines is sufficient enough if you’ve got the DPS to get the kills and the fuel refunds at a much quicker rate.

If you already have a grenade with the 20% chance anointment when inside IB, then you don’t really need Means of Destruction as the grenades spawned while you’re inside Bear are free and don’t take from Moze’s own grenade supply. You are already invested in Redistribution + Pull the Holy Pin which as a combo, does a much better job for ammo regen than MoD.

If you’ve got this anointment already, then you’ll want to put some points into Grizzled. The 3 points from MoD could easily be swapped to that.

After a few weeks of tinkering on/off with Bear-focused builds myself, this build here was the finalised piece. Explosive miniguns in general are great for almost anything in your way, but bosses with heavy armour and Wotan in particular will not go down that quickly unless you have something to melt that armour, which is why spending enough points to reach Corrosive Sabot Round in the SoR tree is something worth strongly considering if you want a Bear build that can tackle (without any exploits) content such as Maliwan Takedown.

“part the red Sea”
We need a vault hunter that is one giant blasphemous meme, that would be badass.

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I got you covered.

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thanks for the help everyone, going through the builds you all recommend :smiley: