Can someone help me get to op8 with krieg?

Hi, I currently have a melee Krieg at op1, and I can’t beat the digistruct peak the second time. Can someone play online with me (with a op1 character, or at least using op1 or less gear, because I don’t want to cheat)? Or maybe just give tips on how to get to op8 with a melee krieg. I have specced full into Mania and Bloodlust tree, only some points in Hellborn just to take delusional damage and numbed nerves for the damage reduction. Gear: rough rider, purple sickle mod, health relic, rapier, a good slag sniper rifle, explosive fastball/slag bouncing betty, and the rest are common guns

Edit: I forgot to mention that I’m on ps3

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If nobody will help Claptrap’s going to feel so lonely…

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Well somehow I managed to get to op3, but from now on for me it’s impossible to continue, the constructor at the start of the run kills me everytime. I hope that someone reply to this post and will want to play with me to get to op4 and further, if not I will be stuck forever at op3 xD I don’t want to change to another build, I like meleeing with Krieg (but I can exchange some skills if someone advice that), but if someone play with me can help me to compensate the weakness of my character, and I can compensate the weakness of the other

Hey are you on ps3 or ps4 if on ps3 add me king_tiger_tamer

Yep I’m on ps3. I’ll add you. Do you have an op3 character? Or at least op3 gear to use on a character?