Can someone help me level up in borderlands 2

Does anyone know any powerleveling methods solo no test dummy glitch.

Solo power levelling in Borderlands 2? Only using a second account on local split screen. Not much different in TPS either - you need the game to be at a higher level than you are, with someone in killing everything that you can’t.

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First of all, welcome to the forums.

Now I’m not sure if you are looking for somebody to powerlevel you or just a fast way to gain experience. Anyways, i think i could give you some tips. If you are new to Borderlands, I’d suggest you to simply “play the game” but there are indeed faster ways.

  • You can usually farm bosses until ~3 levels after their level.

  • Running through ares with lots of enemies to kill (WEP).

  • You could also farm varkid pods although I’ve never tried this method so I’m not sure if it’s viable.

  • The most effective way is probably farming the Pyro Pete’s Bar in Campaign of Carnage dlc. There is a repeatable mission for killing badasses and awards good exp/time. Another upside is that you will be getting enough tokens to buy a DPUH/Nukem every so often.

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Thanks for helping me out by giving me a list of things to do I’m gonna farm the raid boss terra morphia to get to lvl 72. Thanks for taking your time to respond to me it means a lot.


Yeah I tried that it got me from like lvl 45 to 48 got me passed a hard level cap though thanks for the help

Farming the moon shot works well too.

I miss not sure if that is in dlc or the pre sequel but I’m not familiar with that

With the moon shot ?

After killing the Warrior (during the main quest), you have to call a moon shot to kill him once for all. This will grant you some xp and can be farmed. It can also be used to farm Warrior’s drops.

Ohhhh ok moment of realization lol